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***NEWS*** February (Our Last Kiss) reaches #4 on Billboard Club Chart, and still climbing...

"February (Our Last Kiss)", the new single by DJ Joe Guthreaux featuring Abigail has reached #4 on the Billboard Club Chart with a bullet. Let's get this to #1 next week. Thank you to all who are working on this track for getting it this far and to all my fans for supporting it. We're almost there.....
February billboard number 4

"Surrender" Billboard Club Chart #9

“Surrender”, Abigail’s first collaboration with acclaimed production team Bouvier & Barona reaches #9 on the Billboard Club Play Chart.

This 2013 release from Carrillo records comes with fabulous remixes from Manny Lehman (big room house), Matt Consola & LFB (hi-energy house), and Sted-E & Hybrid Heights (electro), among others.

Abigail surrender cover

Surrender - #9 Billboard Club Chart

Click the image for the Lyric Video

Let The Joy Rise

The remixes are just incredible and I especially love the remix by my dear friend Barry Harris who was half of the legendary Thunderpuss team who produced this track originally.

I'm so proud and excited to bring this iconic track back to the dance floor with the help of some amazing remixers from around the world, including Barry Harris (Canada), Rich B (UK) Steve Sherwood & Leo Frappier (US), Matt Consola (US) & Division 4 (Australia), Luque (Spain) & Thiago (Brazil), and Nick Bertossi (Canada).


Letthejoyrise cover remixep 600x600

"Let The Joy Rise" is back with an all-new 2015 re-work, featuring new vocals and a fabulous original production by Toy Armada & DJ GRIND. I loved every minute of working with these amazingly talented people!

Christmas CD now available.

"Another Year" CD
Abigail's long-awaited selection of Christmas songs is available direct from Abigail. The 5 track EP is entitled "Another Year". Beautiful and classic arrangements, strings, piano, wine glasses, celeste and brass with powerful and passionate vocals. This CD is a timeless collection of Christmas inspired songs, both original and classic. You can just smell the mince pies....

To order your CD copy or a download CLICK HERE.
Front cover design cdbaby

Abigail releases "Be Still My Soul"

A beautiful collection of timeless and favorite hymns brought to you with fresh arrangements that still honor the origin of each song.  Available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and here.

Be Still My Soul is a reminder that however many blows life deals us, there is always hope and comfort to be found. Each song is simply and masterfully arranged to support the clear and haunting beauty of Abigail’s unforgettable voice. Hand-picked by the artist, every song holds a special meaning to her. Some are a reminder from childhood, others have been a solace in recent years.

Abigail’s voice is, as always, powerfully moving as it resonates right into the heart of the listener. People from all walks of life are connecting with the message held in each song... read more here


"Better With You" featured on hit TV Series

Abigail's song "Better With You," featured on the critically acclaimed album "Home...again" can be heard on USA Network's hit series Royal Pains in Season three, Episode six. You can download "Home...again" from our store. Congratulations Abigail!


Did you love well today?

It’s a simple question, yet one that feels so complex in practice. For Abigail Zsiga, that’s what it’s all about. Years ago a friend posed this question to Abigail during a time of personal struggle and today it personifies who she is as an artist, friend, mother and dedicated advocate. Abigail’s honesty and integrity color her work as a singer and songwriter, allowing her to communicate her life and powerfully connect with others through her music.

The authenticity that Abigail brings to the music world is a direct reflection of who she is.... read more here

Can Music Change Lives?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Here is how Abigail, together with your support is using her music to help restore the victims of child slavery and exploitation.  From now until the end of August, Abigail will donate $5 from every CD purchase of “Be Still My Soul” to Love146.  Working towards the abolition of Child Trafficking and Exploitation, Love 146 is an organization that is very important to Abigail. Read more about Love146.

A piece of Abigail's story...

In 2007 I went on a trip to Thailand and Cambodia with Love146 to witness the problem of child sex slavery and exploitation first hand. For the last 6 years or so I have worked closely with Love146 in their fight for the abolition of child sex slavery and trafficking. It is estimated that 2 people every minute are trafficked, many are children and many end up in the commercial sex trade, available for “rent” for little more than the cost of your lunch... read more here


Abigail Supports Love146

Abigail Zsiga supports Love146 with a performance at Tourneau Time Machine in New York.

Prestigious watch makers, Baume & Mercier, hosted an exclusive VIP party to launch their new watch line with an event to support Abigail's long-time charity of choice, Love146. Love146 combats Child Trafficking and Exploitation. The fundraiser was a great success and raised over $30,000 for the charity. Visit to learn more and support this important cause.